Our Philosophy is the Same Worldwide

Panasonic's seven core principles are the foundation of our success as an industry leader. Having these principles embedded into our business model helps us work as a team to bring the spirit of innovation into our workplace. Together, these simple ideas inspire a sense of integrity and creativity as we all set our sights on the goal of making the world better every day.

The Seven Principles of Panasonic

By aligning our business to these seven ideals, Panasonic positions itself towards a prosperous and innovative future as a leader in tech.

Contribution to Society

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Fairness & Honesty

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Cooperation & Team Spirit

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Untiring Effort & Improvement

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Courtesy & Humility

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Our employees work on technologies that have been changing the world for over 100 years, and that spirit is built into your employee experience. Enjoy frequent opportunities to volunteer with your coworkers or use your volunteer benefit to make time for the organizations you love.

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We know how important trust is. At Panasonic you are part of a century-long legacy of integrity and work ethic built on the idea that the way we treat each other is just as important as the way we treat our customers. Your commitment to fairness and honesty is a key to thriving within our organization.

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Collaboration happens every day, and you can be a part of it. Whether you’re brainstorming a new idea, or solving an existing problem, your input can make a big difference in our business. Get excited about what we can accomplish when we work together.


Each of our products and solutions is made possible by dedicated teams of talented professionals, and your development and training are a priority to us. In addition to supporting customers, creating new technology, or supporting critical processes we encourage your own personal and professional goals in and outside of the office.


At Panasonic we embrace the spirit of humility and recognition of the contributions of our teams, remembering the wisdom of our founder, Konosuke Matsushita: “You must give your best to each and every task you take on, and reflect on your performance with an honest and unprejudiced eye."

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Technology moves fast and we all have to be ready to adapt when change hits our business, our teams, or even our individual lives. Do you have an open mind and a flexible work style? If so, this could be exactly the right place for you. We are always moving to keep up with our changing environment.

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It’s such a simple thing that makes such a big difference in how we feel about ourselves, our coworkers, and our work life. Be a part of our culture of gratitude by giving and getting kudos to your colleagues, or just drop someone a line to let them know how much they help you out.

Giving Back

Fulfilling work is not always outlined in a job description. Panasonic supports and encourages opportunities for employees to give back. Whether it’s building homes for the underprivileged or city-wide clean ups, we stand beside you.

Benefits of Joining

Joining Panasonic means being on the inside edge of innovations that truly move the world forward. As part of our diverse team, you’ll be working on solutions that impact the future of sustainability, global business, education, and so much more. Enjoy a suite of benefits that go beyond what you need to give you more of what you want in every area of life. Come and explore our current openings and see what’s waiting for you. We are Panasonic, and you could be too.