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Student Life at Panasonic





Vigneswari M.

Columbia University
What makes Panasonic a great place to work?The best part about working at Panasonic is being involved with a team that constantly encourages new ideas and makes me feel like more than just an intern. There’s always something new to learn every day and the flexibility allows me to take up tasks beyond the scope of my role description.What is a typical day like for you at Panasonic?Under the Solar & Storage division of Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America (PLSCA), I work on designing solar systems for houses across various parts of the country and analyzing technical data which can assist in improving the sales potential of our products. In addition to this, I also work with some numbers on Excel and handle warranty claims. Sometimes, a long day is garnished with some Avengers references from my manager and I must mention that our team has one of the best meme-creators! Most days, I hardly know how time flies and I head back home feeling productive (and munching on my popcorn, of course).Why did you choose Panasonic?For an engineer like me, Panasonic offers the ideal platform to practically learn about the technology and business efficiency practices that I have been taught at school. Through this role, I strongly believe that I am contributing towards my vision of promoting renewable energy around the world.What are some of the challenges you enjoy most?Integrating myself into a diverse work environment and playing my role right was a challenge that I loved overcoming. Learning about the American business culture and Japanese engineering practices has been an on-going yet a rewarding challenge!Describe the relationships you’ve built with your co-workers.My coworkers are my best mentors – I could not have asked for better! This has definitely facilitated my transition into the team and made it easier for me get in pace with the daily tasks and routine.


Graham C.

Texas Christian University
What is a typical day like for you at Panasonic?Panasonic, being a multi-faceted organization, causes the requirements of my job to be constantly shifting to adapt to the needs of our 10+ divisions located all over the country. New campaigns, products, and events bring new challenges that require different strategies and ways of thinking all the time.What’s your favorite Panasonic moment? Through a partnership with LinkedIn Elevate, my team and I have been incredibly successful in establishing a number of Panasonic employees as “thought leaders” in their respective industries and networks. I have been given the opportunity to sit down with many high-ranking employees to discuss a personalized online strategy for building a personal brand. As an intern, I feel very lucky to be able to sit down with these people and have meaningful discussion, they are unbelievable learning experiences.What makes Panasonic a great place to work? On a few occasions I’ve had Panasonic employees whom I have never met in person reach out to me in thanks for the work I have done. I see that as a great reflection of the corporate culture here at Panasonic, and it makes me proud to work in such a welcoming and respectful environment.Why did you choose Panasonic?Panasonic is a major player in some of the most innovative technology being developed globally, and I have always had an obsession for trending and upcoming tech relevant to electric mobility and sustainable energy.What are some of the challenges you enjoy most?I especially enjoy the creative challenges that come with the amazing events we are participate in and sponsor. I have been blessed to work on solutions with Panasonic teams present at some of the largest technology summits in the United States such as InfoComm, Consumer Electronic Show, and Voice. I have also taken part in fascinating event sponsorships such as Newark Venture Partners and the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.


Michelle O.

New Jersey Institute of Technology
What is your working style like?I am very supportive, expressive, emotionally oriented, analytical, and logical. I take my work very seriously because any mistake could affect others. What is a typical day like for you at Panasonic?The work is challenging, and I am loving it! I have been exposed to so many things. My manager is dynamic and keeps me to my toe, which I enjoy. During my free time, I watch videos on QuickHelp to stay ahead. I was not experienced in Excel before joining the team, and it has now become a great tool to complete my best work.Why did you choose Panasonic?I chose Panasonic because I was very impressed by the change in the financial numbers and their endless innovative ideas. It has made a huge transition from B2C to B2B in the last year and has kept surprising us every time with their new technologies and partnership deals with auto companies, aircraft manufacturers, and entertainment. I believe this company is working to exceed expectations. As a matter of fact, they’ve already started.What led you to your current role at Panasonic?I am currently a senior at NJIT studying Business and Information Systems. I started looking for internships to get a feel of the corporate world. It’s one thing to learn in the classroom, but it’s another to gain the necessary hands-on experience within the workplace. My main focus was to join a company that would help me grow in the IT field. I had three offers, but Panasonic stood out among them all.What are some challenges you enjoy most?I enjoy learning new things. There are so many things that I have learned in such a short period that I believe will help me tremendously in my career. I’ve tried and failed many times, but I now have a great manager and great teamwork in my department. They never fail to help and it’s inspiring; It keeps me going!

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