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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Panasonic North America

Our Mission

We believe that in order to drive our business to continued heights for all people, our business practices and our contribution to society must be rooted in diversity, equity and inclusion. We foster an environment in which everyone is able to share their voice and talents, in a safe space, where they have the opportunity and resources to fully realize their potential. We are therefore committed to developing and realizing programs, tools and processes that ensure a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment for our employees, in turn benefiting our partners, customers and communities we serve.

Panasonic North America CEO, Megan Myungwon Lee

"As a Korean-born American woman working for a Japanese company in the United States, I have a unique perspective on what our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives mean for both me as an individual and my role in this organization. As an individual employee, Panasonic’s deepening investment in DE&I is validation that my experiences and unique worldview can add value."

Megan Myungwon Lee
Panasonic North America Chairwoman & CEO

Panasonic by the Numbers

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Equity and inclusion is at the heart of our talent acquisition strategy. 37% of our overall management team are from historically underrepresented groups and continues to grow.

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Twenty-nine percent of our people leaders are female. The insight and contributions made by our female leaders help move us forward. We are proud to say that our number of women within our organization has steadily increased year-over-year.

Supporting our LGBTQ+ colleagues and their families

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At Panasonic, we're committed to fostering an inclusive company culture. But we're not just talking the talk – we're walking the walk with an equitable benefits package that promotes the overall wellbeing of all our workers, including physical, emotional, financial and social health. Discover how Panasonic's benefits program supports our LGBTQ+ colleagues and their families.

The Panasonic Foundation

The Panasonic Foundation is an operating, non-profit foundation that invests in the incubation of innovative ideas and the development of public-private partnerships that directly support student achievement.

Basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with students at Camp Skyhook, an immersive, outdoor learning experience that aims to initiate and encourage children’s interest in STEM

Diversifying the Tech Talent Pipeline

Today’s students have a bright future ahead of them. To help them fulfil their potential, Panasonic is investing in programs that prepare them for success in the global 21st century. Discover how we are making a difference in the lives of young innovators and creators in the communities across North America where we live and work.

Panasonic employees volunteering with Million Girls Moonshot

Million Girls Moonshot

Million Girls Moonshot (MGM), an initiative created by STEM Next, hopes to give young girls the support and resources they need to combat the false narrative around women in STEM and redefine what is possible. As a national leader in strategic guidance and policy, STEM Next aims to bring STEM education to one million middle-school girls through afterschool and summer programs by 2025. As innovators and leaders in tech, Panasonic recognizes this issue as both profound and pressing.

Students in the FIRST Robotics program in McAllen, Texas, show off their creations

FIRST Robotics

Panasonic has provided grant scholarships for schools in McAllen, TX, to fund their FIRST in Texas robotics teams at all grade levels. The FIRST in Texas Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that supports robotics teams and events across Texas with a focus on increasing accessibility for low-income and underrepresented students. Student participants are significantly more likely to attend college and major in science or engineering.

Business Impact Groups

We've created a culture that embraces unique personalities, experiences and innovative ideas. That is why our Business Impact Groups are so important to us – they bring us together.

BLACC Employee Network logo

The BLAAC Employee Network aims to foster an inclusive and supportive environment for Black, Latino, African American, African and Caribbean employees by offering networking and educational opportunities, cultural events, social gatherings and community engagement. We strive to build a culture of connection, company pride and positive support.

Level Up BIG logo

The Level Up Millennial Business Impact Group strives to contribute to Panasonic’s overall shift to a talent development culture. The group serves as an internal professional development network to bridge generations and deepen employee engagement, allowing the next generation of Panasonic leaders to recognize and achieve their growth potential.

PRISM logo

PRISM provides forums where LGBTQ+ employees and allies can help one another through sharing of common goals, best practices, personal experiences, knowledge and lessons learned.

RISE logo

RISE, formerly known as Women's Connect, is a Business Impact Group that inspires its members to realize and embrace the power in building one another up. With a focus on career growth and development for women in the workplace, RISE offers programs, events and resources to help all members achieve, share perspectives, and apply their learnings. Together, we explore and take action towards positively shaping our relationships, our work and the community in pursuit of a better life and a better world.

Panasonic Veterans Business Impact Group logo

The PNA Veterans Business Impact Group strives to bring our growing population of Panasonic veterans closer together providing support both internally and externally.

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