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Panasonic has an unyielding commitment to contribute to society, and at our core we have collaborative and talented individuals with globally oriented backgrounds. From serving our nation to serving our business, U.S. military veterans at Panasonic leverage their unique and diverse experiences to drive us forward each day.  

Get to know a few of the outstanding veterans making a difference at Panasonic.


Jillian Hall
Marketing Research Manager

Jillian served in the U.S. Army and Michigan National Guard as a Personnel Actions Specialist, where she earned the badge of “sharpshooter.”  Today, she keeps a sharp eye on the market research efforts for Panasonic’s Automotive Systems business. When it comes to resolving complex business challenges and hard work, she reminds herself that she’s “survived tougher.” 



Alex Smith
Senior Engineer/Project Lead

From 1994 to 2000, Alex worked as an electronic technician in the U.S. Navy, working mostly on radio and satellite communications. After completing his service in the Navy, he entered the workforce with an associate’s degree in electrical engineering bringing with him technical training, hands-on experience and a sense of what working as a team could really accomplish. Panasonic recognized Alex’s unique skills, setting him apart from others in his field with a four-year degree. Over the past 17 years, Alex has increasingly acquired leadership roles at Panasonic, notably working on the design and development of infotainment systems and heading up the software stability group for one of our largest automotive customers.


Joe Haury
Vice President, Global Logistics

After graduating from West Point with a degree in aerospace engineering, Joe served in the Air Force as a flight test engineer for 11 years (8 active duty, 3 reserve). The highlight of his military career was testing B-2 stealth bomber upgrades in the Mojave Desert for three years. While in the service, Joe learned how to live a value-based life, serve others, and lead by example. These are all learnings he applies today in his role as Panasonic North America’s vice president of global logistics where he leads a team in deploying end-to-end logistics expertise and delivering the best value solutions to our business.


Mihai Sofronie
Head of Procurement Corporate Services and Logistics
Mihai would enter the Army in 2002 as a 2nd lieutenant and leave a Captain in 2008 after a series of promotions. During his time in the service he led soldiers in high-risk combat patrols in the Iraqi city of Tikrit to protect important civil affairs projects. He was also stationed in Ramadi, Iraq where, as a Captain, he was responsible for hundreds of vehicles and maintenance soldiers. His time in the service taught him key lessons in servant leadership, leading by example, not being afraid to fail, and the importance of the simple things in life. With Panasonic, Mihai leverages his experience to bring people together across our divisions to procure important goods and services.

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