Machine Operator Winding (PECA)

REQ: REQ-120302 Manufacturing

  • Columbus, GA, United States
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The production Machine Operator performs all duties and responsibilities involved with operating the production machinery according to Production schedules, while maintaining safety and quality.  The production Operator is more involved with solving problems beyond minor repair and adjustments.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following.  Other duties may be assigned. Follows all company and departmental policies and procedures. 

Maintains active communication with management and other employees about all job-related concerns and informs the Supervisor and the Machine Keeper when where applicable when problems occur.

Performs preventative maintenance procedures:

  • Cleans and lubricates the machinery.
  • Disassembles certain parts of the machinery in order to gain access to and clean internal components.
  • Repairs and/or replaces worn-out parts.
  • Make minor repairs and adjustments to the machinery and process.

Operates the machines and completes continuing checks of the system:

  • Starts-up the machines.
  • Checks materials being fed into the system for correct type and condition.
  • Feeds the materials and components to the machines as necessary
  • Checks the controls, gauges, and sensors to make sure they are at the correct settings and in proper operation.
  • Continually watches and listens for any abnormality that may be a cause or sign of malfunctions, errors, or other problems.
  • Inspects the final machinery output for condition and quality.
  • Makes the needed minor adjustments.

Follows the necessary procedures when a problem occurs:

  • Troubleshoots the problem by checking for jams, broken or displaced parts of the machinery, and errors in the operation of   the machinery (controls not properly set, defective materials that were not caught in the earlier stages of the process, etc.).
  • Corrects minor problems with the machines by clearing jams, replacing certain parts, adjusting the guides, and/or resetting    the controls.
  • Calls for the help of, explains the problems to, and closely assists the Machine Keeper in solving problems beyond minor repair.

Insures that all safety shields and guards are in place during operation and maintains the use of specified safety procedures at all times.

Maintains complete and accurate records of all necessary production control data and information.

Pulls samples from each stage in the process for the QC audits, and helps implement the recommended changes and adjustments.

Tests samples at each stage in the process to determine if specifications are being met, and analyze rejected material and batteries to determine the reasons for rejection:

  • Measures all specified dimensions (height, width, diameter, etc.).
  • Determines the weights of the output and/or components.
  • Runs strength and stress tests as appropriate, using testing equipment and machines.
  • Takes voltage and amperage readings.

Informs the Machine Keepers (where applicable), Supervisors, and the QE Department of the results of the checks and tests and ensures that any needed corrective actions are completed.

Records information about all problems, and the results from sample checks and tests, in the appropriate logbooks and production charts.


REQ: REQ-120302 Manufacturing

  • Columbus, GA, United States
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