Commercial Refrigeration Installation Foreman - South Carolina

REQ: REQ-112306 Service/Installation

  • Columbia, SC, United States
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Assist with the installation of refrigeration, heating & air-conditioning systems commonly installed in supermarkets, convenient stores and cold storage facilities.

1. Brazing - An expert. Able to teach proper methods and recognized as an exceptional welder both in speed and methods.

2. Case Setting and Trimming - Able to teach proper methods and techniques, refer to the preceding items.

3. Pipe Hangers

4. Piping and Insulation Techniques - Can select the proper line sizes for a project. Knows why and when to use reduced riser.Is capable of directing an installation crew on the proper methods of piping, insulation, Brazing & line sizing. Is considered to have superior Brazing skills and speed and can teach the same. Can be relied on to finish out a large project with little or no directions.

5. Evaporators - Has full coil layout knowledge and can hang and pipe coils & pipe drains and heat tape with a high level of efficiency. Knows and differentiates between electric, gas and off time defrost coils. Knows how to properly verify coil operations.

6. TXV’s - Know when to adjust valve vs. taking valve apart and clean. Knowing when to replace valve or just replace power head. Ability to properly size valves and orifices.

7. Drains - Can teach best practices to others.

8. Cooler Setting and Trim - Able to resolve complex problems.Able to lead other people in the proper methods, with no supervision.

9. Leak Checks - An expert. Superior trouble shooting skills.

10. Refrigerants, Oils and System Conversions - Able to recognize a problem if a system is incompatible.How to test for proper POE oil change during a conversion.

11. Proper use of recovery units & D.O.T. cylinders.

12. Evacuation - Know proper evacuation micron levels at each of three evacuations.Know the how to test for proper evacuation, moisture and leak possibilities. Know the differences in how micron gauge responds to moisture versus leak.

13. Electrical/Wiring - Able to follow circuits and troubleshoot any electrical problem.Able to rewire most circuits if needed.Able to test wiring to find shorts.

14. Understand compressor control wiring and proper order or controls.

15. Single Condensing Units - Complete knowledge of control settings, wiring, piping and unit marking and defrost settings required for proper installation.Knows proper use, requirements and install practices for CPR’s, EPR’s, suction accumulators, desuper heaters, hot gas bypass valves, heat reclaim pump-out, mufflers and insulated receivers, etc.

16. Self-Contained Equipment - Troubleshoot system totally.

17. Water Heat Reclaim - Understands multiple methods of piping – (2, 3, and 4 tank methods), with or without electric or gas assist tanks.

18. Air Heat Reclaim - Know proper line sizing methods. Knows proper airflow to refrigerant flow direction and reasoning. Knows proper header piping and methods and how to recognize a problem and offer solutions.

19. HVAC and its Impact On Refrigeration Systems - Knows how to repair complex HVAC problems as they relate to the refrigeration system.

20. Compressors -Complete knowledge of compressors, uses, wiring, diagnostics, troubleshooting, etc. Can suggest and implement solutions. Knows proper oil level and oil pressure for all compressor brands.

21. Condensers - Able to properly diagnose a system with non-condensables in the condenser.Knows proper fan cycling and sequencing and the reasons there are preferred methods.Is capable of completing the entire piping layout method without supervision.

22. Walk-Ins - Temperature Control Criteria.Know all aspects of coil design criteria, types, usage, TD, defrost methods, lengths, times per day.Full knowledge of controlling methods (temperature control or EPR control) and know why we use one or the other or both.Full knowledge of defrost types and where to use each type under what conditions.Know how to set-up complete defrost sequencing of multiple system(s) to avoid possible conflicts in each box and with the refrigeration equipment.

23. Refrigeration Cases - Temperature Control Criteria.Knows when, where and why to use which method of defrost and whether you need termination with any of the types.

24. Know the design criteria for all refrigerated cases.Know the relationship between suction design and DA (TD) temperature in refrigeration cases.Know the different defrost types, their operation and sequencing.Know which case fans stay on and which go off during the defrost cycle of each case type. Able to explain why this happens.

25. Refrigeration Racks - Full knowledge of rack components, settings, wiring, controllers, all EPR types.Full knowledge of store operations and how they affect the refrigeration system.Evacuation and start-up methods and charging techniques.

REQUIREMENTS: • High School diploma or GED required. • Physically able to climb ladders, work at high elevations and lift objects up to fifty pounds. • Required ability to work nights and/or weekends. • Required to travel and work out of town as needed. • Mechanical Aptitude.

REQ: REQ-112306 Service/Installation

  • Columbia, SC, United States
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